Reno Ka is a singer, songwriter and producer, known for her eclectic mix of various musical genres including House, RnB and Soul.

Reno Ka is an established musician, who took part in piano concerts at the age of seven beginning her first studio productions only five years later and exploring her passion for music during her school days, most notably with her school band.

At the age of fifteen, she was booked for several shows, and became a performing artist at several different events and nightclubs such as Pacha.
After releases on labels such as Defected, KMS Records, Toolroom, Lapsus Music, Cajual, Vega Records, Soul Heaven Records, Azuli Records, Puro Music and Future Vision World. Reno is currently working on her debut album and several solo projects, one being with British house and techno producer Josh Butler.

After the singer completed her studies in Media Management and Music Management, she opened her own apparel line focusing on t shirts, hoodies and snapbacks.